The population of Yazd and its market is important for the Heydari commercial group. Therefore, regular and fast distribution of Yazd supermarket stores is one of the most important achievements that has made it impossible to forget traditional and powerful broadcasting of the market. This made it possible to maximize wholesale coverage of Yazd and its suburbs. It is important since these wholesale markets not only provide goods for Yazd but they are also the source for supplying goods to many city retailers.


This distributor has been able to fully cover the nearby counties with predetermined schedules and is still growing and expanding. Therefore, supplying the needs of these counties is so important since they have a significant share of market.

Chain Stores and Cooperatives

Another part of the company with a distinct market is this segment of customers and is expected to have a larger share than supermarkets. Chain stores are growing fast and spread over the counties, so the Heydari Trading Group has assigned a separate unit to focus on these types of stores.

Special Markets

The Heidari Trading Group, not only supplies shopping centers, supermarkets, stores, cooperatives, etc., but also serves government agencies, hotels and hospitals. So the customers of this company are from all the society and the company’s market is not limited. Therefore it is called special markets.